For the serious Ham Radio enthusiasts! We have Pole connectors, resistors, capacitors, power supplies, ham radio kits, antenna tuners, plus many more ham radio-orientated items.
Let us help you fully update your Ham Radio Station from our comprehensive list of available components. Build or modify your equipment using our Self Teaching Guide and/or Project Kits to put you on the band of your choice.

The many facets of ham radio are displayed in this comprehensive video.

Ham Radio Project Kits

Get the same satisfaction of hams from the past.
Build your own Ham Radio Transmitter and receiver from our featured Project Kits

Electronic Components

These "Electronic Components" will help you to complete your other projects
which have been in the "to do" basket for so long, maybe even modify an old faithful.


A good range of Capacitors and Resistors for your repairs and "Home Brew" projects

Practical Electronics: A Self-Teaching Guide
$19.68 USD
Cooling Techniques for Electronic Equipment
$274.48 USD
101 Adjustable Resistor (100 Ohm, 10 Pieces a Pack)
$2.42 USD
1/4W Resistance Metal Film Resistors (400-Piece Pack)
$9.70 USD
Jtron 1/4W Colored Ring Resistor Pack 100 ohm-2K / 27 kinds/10 PCS - Blue Silver (270 PCS)
$10.92 USD
Square Cement Wire Wound Resistor - 5 pack - 10 Watt 4 Ohm
$1.79 USD
1/8 Watt Carbon Film Resistor - 20 pack - 1.5K Ohm 5%
$0.49 USD