You have found your ham radio or maybe that special piece of equipment on the other pages. Now you can search for the speaker mike, power supply, QRP amp kit, power cord, mike holder or even some simple gadget that you have been looking for to compliment your Ham Radio hobby.
Also listed are a variety of popular books on Ham Radio for both the seasoned Amateur and the beginner. You will find Ham Radio Study Guides and Licence Manuals both technical & basic, as well as general information books.

The following video shows the work involved in setting up for a field day
and displays the co-operation among the groups

Ham Radio Accessories

Mike cords, Coax, Power supplies and brackets for your Ham Radio shack

Ham Radio Kits

Experience the thrill of getting "ON AIR" after assembling
your very own own Ham Radio Kit purchased from this website

Ham Radio Books

A selection of Ham Radio Books to aid you in the advancement of your hobby

Generators and GPS

Light up your camp site and power your radios using one of these gen sets
and mark the spot for future reference with a GPS.